Monday, January 2, 2012

baked... year 2

I can hardly believe another year has gone by!  It really doesn't seem like it was that long ago that I was sitting in Filter cafe on a cold January morning typing away last years new years reflection.  Last year's post celebrated the recipes, the process in making delicious things, and the dedication it takes to keep up with it - not in a way that is a chore - doing things you love should be fun.  But we all know that other stuff: family, work, friends, relationships (life) sometimes gets in the way of us getting to do the things we LOVE the most.  Last year we celebrated that Baked held us accountable to come back and do the things we love.
chocolate truffles from Katherine Ann Confections, Chicago 

This past year has been no different - 2011 has been just as busy, if not more so than 2010: I moved into another new apartment (2 years of moving in a row-whoa!). Started a new job.  Went away for 8 weeks of training for said new job. Picked up where I left off last winter with my knitting- this time selling mittens, bears and pillows at a small sale more on that here.  Traveled to see family in far and distant places like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio - And have loved every minute of it.   2011 was a little more on and off with the posts- a few lulls in the summer (really who wants to turn the oven on when its 100 degrees outside?!).  2011 also experienced a lull in making treats because this sugar baby needs to watch her sugar intake.  tTrust me I'm still figuring out how to do this without cutting out everything delicious entirely (more to come on this).   2011 brought more posts about yummy treats I have encountered while out and about. 2011 had me revisiting my own posts, referencing favorite recipes to re-create (and noticing typos and some incomplete descriptions-sorry about that).  2011 connected me with you, the reader - to my continued surprise, you are reading and following along and trying out the recipes yourself!  thanks for the photos you have shared, keep em coming!  2011 also was all about appearances - Baked has gone through many visual transformations in the last year - and no doubt there will still be more!

By comparison, Baked is still a baby blog and I love that it is this way.  It still feels personal.  When I do sit down to type out these posts, I have so many ideas: topics to write about, products to review, how-to videos to record, more family recipes to make and share, family bakers to interview, favorite dessert spots around town.  If I were a full time blogger there still wouldn't be enough time!

In 2012, I hope to post more often, the goal is once a week.  In 2012, I hope to try more new recipes from loved ones AND get the stories that are made alongside the recipes. In 2012, I hope to learn more about you, the reader, and what you like to bake.
2012 is about doing what you love.  Recognizing what it is that you are most happy doing, and making time for it.  Of course it is still a lot of work, but it is worth it because you are doing it for yourself.  We are all so busy these days. That's not going to change, but it's important to jam in some "love to-do's" on our ever growing to-do list!

Macaroons from Alliance Bakery, Chicago

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